Our wide array of services covers interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing. These services include sealing of pipes, installing branded equipment, and filling the damaged parts of the property.

Exterior Waterproofing: It is enormously important to protect the property from outside before going inside. The moisture starts getting into the walls from cracks or holes present in it. Things become much easier after shielding the property from the exterior first. There is no possibility of water entering from unusual places after guarding the exteriors. Some of the areas we cover in exterior waterproofing are as follows

  • Cracks: The walls start to get little cracks after an interval of time. And, getting rid of them is not so easy. But, our professionals know how to get rid of these easily without damaging the entire wall structure. We apply a plastic-like material between the cracks that absorbs all the moisture and do not let the water to pass through it.
  • Weak Structure: There might be a small part of the wall empty from inside. This part absorbs the water from outside and results in moisture and dampness in the wall. Our experts fill out the particular part without damaging the entire wall.   
  • Leaking Taps: The leaking taps are the most common reason for moisture on the walls. This generally happens in the basements because of wet soil all around the walls. But, you don’t have to worry as Life Water Proofers stands by your side. Our employees are capable of sealing out the leaking taps or pipes swiftly.
  • Blocked Drain Pipes: The blocked pipes are another reason for water leakage inside the house. The pipes may get blocked from inside and burst out. This usually happens when low-quality pipes are installed that cannot bear high pressure and burst causing leakage in the structure. We use imported equipment for sealing all the walls and pipes around the home for perfect waterproofing.

Interior Waterproofing: Interiors are the place where you reside in. And, it needs to be beautiful and sturdy at the same time. But, moisture ruins it completely. There can be a tap dripping or pipe damaged inside the wall that causes real trouble to you. Life Water Proofers understand the pleasure of living in the beautiful house with family. And, we put all our efforts to make your property interiors shine like never before. Some areas we cover in interior waterproofing are as follows


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